Introduction to Disability Law

This two part training will cover the fundamentals of disability law practice. Part one will define disability and explain in depth the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the differences between these two programs.  Sources of law, resources and the appeals process will be presented.  The method of analyzing whether disability exists using Social Security’s 5-step Sequential Evaluation process will be introduced, focusing on the steps one through three with an emphasis on the listings of impairments.   Part two of this training takes a more in depth look at developing and winning claims at step 5 of the sequential evaluation process, using the Grids and assessment of non-exertional impairments. The use of vocational experts  and medical experts will be discussed, and a sample evidence file will be reviewed.  Hypothetical examples are used to help understand the complex nature of Disability Law.

Date of original presentation:  10/29/2009

Presenters:   Louise Tarantino, Esq., Empire Justice Center, Albany, NY and Catherine M. Callery, Esq., Empire Justice Center, Rochester, NY

Viewing time:  1 hour 58 minutes (Part 1)
                      2 hours 3 minutes (Part 2)

CLE Credits:  2.0 Professional Practice for Part 1 and 2.0 Professional Practice for Part 2

Cost for viewing this training if CLE credit is requested:  If CLE credit for Part I and Part II is requested, the cost is $90.00 for Not-for-Profit Agencies; $150.00 for Private Practice Attorneys.  If CLE credit for only one part is requested, the cost is $60.00 for Not-for-Profit Agencies; $90.00 for Private Practice Attorneys.  There is no charge for viewing this training unless CLE credit is requested.

Financial Hardship Policy available upon request. Contact Michelle Peterson, Training Coordinator

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